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oppression sickness

For the last almost week or so I’ve been in a PHP. And today someone, a black male who complained that he thought his boss might be being racist, called Caitlyn Jenner a faggot. I was enraged, disgusted, and sickened. I almost went home and at this point I’m contemplating whether I should take a break and not go tomorrow. Ironically I’d had the most intense feeling that I shouldn’t go today and I went anyway and that is what happened, I must learn to trust my intuition. I wish people that are subjected to oppression would wake up and simply NOT oppress others. I swear I feel like I’m at church in that room, it’s tiring.

P.S. I reported it to the person who runs the program, hopefully something is done about it, as it is I don’t feel safe in that room with all those bigots