BY SUSAN BISSELL ON 13 FEB 2015 • A slap: child discipline or child abuse?

This is a really cool blog post written in response to the show The Slap. As an adult survivor of child abuse who later on has found myself suffering from continual mental and physical illnesses as an adult and being repeatedly thwarteded from success in every area of life as well as being a repeat victim of abuse I can truly say that no, hitting children is not good nor is it ever necessary. It is almost certainly the best way to set up a child for failure in adulthood. The research has all shown the same thing. Hitting children has no positive effects and a slew of negative effects. Please follow the link and read the blog post.


Yawn. . .Mother’s Day


The Mother’s Day machine seems to be in overdrive this year. Maybe it’s partially because of that TIME magazine article with the photo of the defiant looking mom with a kid hanging off of her breast. I watched an interview with the 26-year-old mom, and she came off as really stupid. The doctor who backs up “attachment parenting” was there, too, and I wasn’t buying any of his explanations for that either.

The emphasis on this Hallmark holiday could also be the work of Republicans, right-wingers and conservatives who are doing their best to push women back into the home and lock them there. Such people can’t get it into their minds that women will never go back to being voiceless.

The church custodian was grumbling about how expensive Mother’s Day cards are. He had to buy three — one for his mom, one for his mother-in-law, and one for…

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On Cosby, Rape Culture, and Accountability: Change Is My Responsibility

Change From Within

anacronAnacron is a singer, rapper, and multi-instrumentalist with two decades professional experience in the recording industry. When he’s not performing on tour or delivering University-level music business lectures, he’s an experiential educator in his hometown of Los Angeles, specializing in facilitating progressions for team building and leadership programming. http://anacron.LA



A few days ago, several of my closest homies and I were conversing and clowning as we typically do, delving through discussion of recent news and happenings as it relates to and affects us; a group of almost-young, artistic, educated, cultured, and employed Black-American men.

After an in-depth and deeply involved interaction on the unsurprising indictment dismissals for police that murder men like us, we then tap-danced hurriedly through a brief discussion around the other “hot button” issue concerning and creating an uninvited and often counter-productive buzz around people of Color in the media right now.

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