A letter to Paul Ryan about forcible rape

Dr. Jen Gunter

Dear Vice Presidential Hopeful Ryan,

I am somewhat perplexed at your condemnation of Todd Akin and his use of the term legitimate rape (“Outrageous,” I think you called it). After all, it is clear that legitimate rape is a synonym for your no less insulting term forcible rape. And don’t you try and wiggle out of forcible rape Akin-style, because forcible rape is the exact terminology you used in the No taxpayer funds for abortion act. Yes, yes forcible was dropped, but I’m sure it meant something to you and your 200+ co-sponsors at the time.

As forcible rape is not a medical term that I, or any doctor with the exception of Ron Paul, am familiar with I need clarification. And frankly, since you introduced us to it I think you should explain it. Otherwise, I’m left with the assumption that your definition involves significant evidence of…

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