Twitter Activists: Hate to love and love to hate

Sankofa Brown


Twitter activists, neverlutionaries, keyboard activists, armchair revolutionaries, thumb activists, and the list the goes on. I’ve heard of all these names and have been called many of them myself. It almost seems trendy these days to diss activists and individuals speaking from a socially conscious perspective. Attacking the socially conscious isn’t a new practice though. People who speak from unpopular perspectives have been resisted since the beginning of time. Think about how crazy the individuals who proposed that world is round sounded to those who were convinced that it was flat.

Social media has given people the opportunity to share their opinions and offer oppositional worldviews. It also has given the sedated vanguards a greater opportunity to object those who resist the status quo. These vanguards are the ones quick to make statements such as “Twitter activists (insert insult).” These insults usually revolve around an assumption that people speaking out…

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