Visually Biased

With time, I have realised that the more religious a person or a country, the more immoral they are. Be it Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism or any other major religion. It is true, and given the case of my own mother, Indian men and women in general and the people of Hillsong Church and other Churches of Holy spirit, I have realised that religious practices are similar to the behaviour of people suffering from obsessional neurosis, which is a mental illness characterised by obsessional urges or ideas. Believing that God speaks to them directly, and/or they have a duty to carry forward the word of God as foretold (usually by priests or preachers), in itself is a chronic case of hallucination.

In India for example, almost anything to do with sexuality is a taboo and almost every animal has a totemic representation. Yet in certain parts of Hinduism, e.g. Bengaliā€¦

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