#Video Response to 10 Questions on #India’s Female #Gendercide


In less than a century almost 20% of women, that is more than 50 million women,  have been exterminated from India’s population.  This is the largest and ongoing genocide in human history. It is to raise awareness about and lobby official action to end this genocide that The 50 Million Missing Campaign was formed in 2006.  To watch the video which explains what’s killing millions of girls and women in India click here.

In the video below campaign founder Rita Banerji responds to 10 frequently asked questions in her first video Q&A response.  If you have additional questions please leave them in the comment box below for the next Q&A video. The questions answered in this video in sequence are:

  1. Can female gendercide ever end given how entrenched it is in Indian culture and religion?
  2. Why do parents not give up baby girls for adoption instead of killing them?

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