Why can’t I watch television

Why is it that I can’t watch one show on television that is a comedy and not hear a rape “joke”. Rape is not trivial or comical. It is

not something to be laughed at or turned into satire and yet I cannot enjoy a comedic film or show without hearing it used as a punch

line. When will rape survivors stand up and begin to speak out against these abuses of our mental health and our civil rights. I have

the right to enjoy jokes and comedy without being triggered. So why does it continue. Why does Alice on Workaholics need to use

rape as a joke. But then again we are referring to a shoe where white privileged men are making jokes about domestic violence and

are constantly referring to women as sex objects so what did I expect. Why do I no longer feel I can watch a Jim Carey movie because

he used rape as a joke in the movie Burt Wonderstone. Why do now have to limit my television viewing to only specific shows and deny

myself entertainment that I haven’t first verified. When will people stop being silent and begin speaking out against the abuse that all

people are subjected to daily at the hands of our fellow humans.


 I hope that I can one day do something to change this world for the better by helping to curb the prevalence of sexual violence in

particular. In the meantime let me just sum it up by saying that rape is an extremely awful experience and it is not funny and never ever

will be so no “you can’t use rape as a joke”. The very act of doing so is the exact definition of a rape culture; and I don’t think any of us

want to live in or bring life into a rape culture.


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