Fundamental Human Rights



As to why this should even be a thing we need to talk about is beyond me. How did we let sociopaths destroy our world so much for so many millenia that we now live in a literal hell where a woman who’s raped is arrested for having an abortion and a woman who gives birth is detained because she can’t pay the hospital bill while her other children are at home without care for days etc…etc…. Where to start with the mad house our world has become????? Why do we still have a system where a few people rule over the rest of us making our lives a living hell for their own enjoyment century after century making us fight these ridiculous battles for simple freedoms that should be basic and inalienable. THIS IS SICKENING!!! And if we decide to ignore it so we can live free of the mental burden they pass these oppressive laws anyways and one day we wake up and things have changed and then we have to pay attention or we have to accept it. I’m sick of these crazy dictator controlling maniacs. So anyway my opinion on the whole abortion thing. Um they (scientists) believe that humans were all matriarchal/egalitarian and also bi-sexual and so with that kind of life women were able to not only control if they wanted to have sex but also how they had sex depending on if they wanted to get pregnant or not. However with woman hating religions brainwashing the whole planet into only having sex one way which leaves women unsatisfied in many cases and also under constant worry/threat of unwanted pregnancy then abortions are necessary and a big issue that will not go away until we stop believing in an oppressive idea that women are breeding stock.




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