Trikal (Past, Present & Future): My Most Recommended #Indian #Films


trikal posterThere are two reasons I recommend Trikal.  One, because it covers a part of Indian history that is unknown, not only to much of the world, but also to most Indians.  Secondly, it is by one of India’s best directors, Shyam Benegal. Each of Benegal’s films [click here for the list] is a cinematic gem, in how he artistically captures India’s culture, society, and history in minute details within his storyline. I’d put Benegal alongside Satyajit Ray as one of the greatest film directors in the history of Indian cinema. Trikal is set in Goa when it was under Portuguese rule.  What many don’t know is that Portugal colonized parts of India long before the British did (in 1510) and, left India much after the British did, in 1961.  The story is set in 1961 when Portuguese are planning to leave and India is preparing to…

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