11 Safety Tips for Women Living or Traveling Alone in India


photo credit: Sirengsongs. All Rights Reserved.

As more and more Indian women have jobs that require them to travel or keep late hours in the office, safety has become a no.1 concern of working women in India today.  A recent survey shows that 94% of Indian women feel unsafe living or traveling alone, or staying alone in hotels in India.  Of those who’ve traveled outside India, most say they feel safe traveling or living alone in hotels in western countries!  Street sexual harassment, molestation, and stalking are seen as a normal part of day-to-day existence that all women are expected to put up with.  And even though most rapes are never reported in India, or of those reported most are not filed by the police,  rape still is the fastest growing crime in India today. There has also been an alarming increase in the number of  reports of rape…

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