Small blue stroller for a boy….. by V

Small blue stroller for a boy.

This is a message I saw on Freecycle today. So what does that mean is it like when they make bikes for men and bikes for women? I didn’t know that they did this ….or was she meaning the color of the stroller. So wait does that mean, that if an open minded non constrictive person wanted the stroller for their daughter that she would turn them away with the explanation “oh sorry only boys can be in blue anything including strollers. I suggest you let your daughter walk because she is not getting into this blue stroller. After all we all know that if a girl touches blue she’ll become barren and all her hair will fall off and if a boy touches pink well ….you don’t want to know. *leans over whispers* let’s just say that in involves fleshy things growing somewhere *while making a circling motion at the chest* and other things fall off while pointing at the crotch *nod nod nod with a grave look on her face*”

 If we don’t know already we should realize that in the Victorian era blue was considered a female color because it was tranquil and red or pink was considered a male color because it was intense and represented passion and blood and war you know like Aries/Mars the God Of War. What confuses me is at what time in His-story did we decide to switch this? Not only that but is it really fair to restrict children to colors from the time they’re born? Obviously my opinion is that no it is not ok to restrict children and yet it continues to happen. What if a child doesn’t want to play with “gender” (a concept we invented) specific toys like trucks for boys and baby dolls for girls. What if your daughter wants to be an engineer when she grows up and your son wants to be a hair dresser, nurse or dancer (ballet)? What message are these kids given when they choose these non gender normal professions? Are they thinking in the back of their heads that they are not “normal”?

 What does a parent expect to happen to a child that they convince is somehow weak and incapable of making decisions or incapable of surviving or doing things that their siblings can do? Of course you find men who just never learned to take care of themselves and women who can’t change their own tire. In a world where we also convince both boys and girls that women are weak, liars, evil and objects and therefore worthy of the abuse that is visited upon them daily starting before birth and ending after death then of course your sons will become the criminals and “monsters” that haunt the nightmares of your daughters. Especially if these things were compounded by using physical punishment and/or verbal assaults to discipline these children. I will forever be amazed to know that there are societies that are not plagued with the evils of our society and there is one thing they all seem to have in common. They do not spank or abuse their children and they respect the females and males of their societies equally. There is nothing sadder than knowing that the criminals and victims that our society continually turns out are not an inevitability and is completely preventable and yet we are too busy paying attention to frivolous things like new nail polish or new video games (both deserving a whole different topic on their own) than doing whatever it takes to prevent young boys from being given the continual message that they can have any woman/thing they want and when said woman does not comply he can call her all sorts of insulting names and spread rumors about her and in the worst cases assault or kill her. On top of that boys are taught to use violence which our society has a wishy-washy relationship with, liking or disliking it depending on the situation, which depends on our personal feelings. As a result we have a literal epidemic of violence against both men and women in this country at the hands of mainly men. Domestic violence happens every 3 seconds and rape is every 2 minutes.

But as long as the “victims” “targets” “survivors” keep quiet we can continue to raise more future victims and perpetrators of violence. We can continue to raise women who dislike themselves and other women and boys who would rather die than be compared to a girl or men who would rather destroy their lives than be open about their sexual identity, emotions etc.. if it doesn’t fit with constrictive societal expectations. But after all women are trained to be silent so of course they do not speak much about the abuse they suffer through and men are taught that they are invincible so they dare not speak of the abuse that they suffer and how it’s affected them.
 As a result we have a nation of addicts, mentally and physically sick individuals and people (including children) rotating in and out of prisons constantly with everyone saying it was that person’s “choice”, the fact is that there are “lower species” than our own that don’t act as barbarically as we do. When will we understand that it is not ok to control children from the day they are born to the day they die? When are we going to put down the magazines about celebrities and put in the work to start turning around our destructive, warrish, abusive, built on fear society. Most if not all of our problems can be solved by doing one thing and that is respecting women. Actual respect…not the fake kind that masks contempt.
 I can only hope that I see alot more progress on this planet amongst the human species before I die. Otherwise we are letting future generations down and that is unacceptable if, as we say, we truly do “love children”.


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