Inner Truth Project

So went to my group today and J**** was there for the first time. He was quiet just like when I met him at the Take Back The Night event. When he does speak he speaks with a “Vocal Fry” which is interesting. Not sure if I love it or hate it, I guess I’m indifferent, but it is extremely noticeable. Anywho H******** shared alot of her story. Including her experiences with professional older men. Also S********* reiterated hers as well and so did M**********. She mentioned being asked to leave a group of really depressing people at a support group once and I thought how good it was because it made her move forward and create this group and help all of us. Also I thought about how groups do that they gang up on the outsider and excommunicate them like what happened with me and those people. And I learned that that is usually for the best because those types of people are usually not ever going to accept you or treat you well enough to make you feel truly a part of them. All in all I think sometimes group mentality is too hard to deal with especially when that group’s identity is different from the newcomer. So anywho had a great meeting today.


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