I am a false rape allegation

I am a false rape allegation

As a rape survivor myself and myself having experienced the ineffectiveness of the justice system, I can attest to the deplorable and awful way that people are treated when they are raped and make the mistake of reporting it. We are humiliated, disbelieved, told it wasn’t rape, mistreated in almost every way. They make the excuse that you waited too long to report and they don’t have evidence but even when they do have evidence DNA etc.. (as is the case in this article) they can decide for themselves that they will not arrest the rapist or that they will not prosecute. Rape kits are not the fail safe way to have a rapist taken off the streets. Reporting the rape is not a fail safe way either and trusting the system is a risk, a very big risk to mental health especially in the case of women who are already mentally or otherwise unwell. I am happy that I reported my rape because at least the rapist has been accused publicly. Sadly it is not enough as research has proven that without intense punishment a rapist will have nothing to stop them and will continue to rape.


This article proves something that I already believed and that is that the percentage of false rapes are actually widely inaccurate. As a rape survivor any person who falsely reports a rape is less that scum in my mind and they should deal with the full extent of punishment the law can dish out. Because of this I know that many people are telling the truth about rape. It is an absolutely horrendous experience and it is disgusting and unthinkable that such high numbers of people are able to lie and say that they have been subjected to this crime. Anyone that is cold hearted enough to lie about this crime is just as bad as a rapist in my mind if not worse as they help fuel the lie that rapes are usually falsely reported. It sets back human rights activism. There is no excuse for a false rape accusation. None at all.


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