Motherhood Gave Me a Nervous Breakdown

Behold why I’m never having kids unless I’m a millionaire…..and that isn’t exactly likely.


I was one of those women who seemed to “have it all”: a loving husband, beautiful children and a fabulous career running a department for a Web-design agency. It was a lot to juggle, but I was determined to make it work. Like so many women in my position, I became hyperefficient. I learned to complete 10 hours of work in five and make dinner in less time than it takes to watch a PBS cartoon. I learned to make fundraising calls for my daughter’s preschool while pumping breast milk in a conference room, and eat dinner while washing the dishes. I learned to delegate, prioritize, negotiate and, when necessary, give up seeing friends, alone time with my husband and — hardest of all — sleep.

Unfortunately, years of unceasing activity — and the attendant stress and exhaustion — have a way of catching up with us. One day, on the way…

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