Sooo sick right now

I’m literally ill I feel like i could just crumble. As per my last post I just learned that rapists when planning their crime will look for people that are mentally disabled especially because then that person’s credibility goes out the window. On the recorded interview with the detective Vann makes it very clear quite  a few times that I am supposedly bi-polar or manic depressive. Well the plot thickens and now I feel like an absolute moron to the highest extreme for even feeling the need to forgive that low-life piece of shit rapists scum. Gosh I hope the universe gets back at him for this ooooh please universe please please please do something o show me you give a fuck about me and my life. Please don’t let this rapists get away scott free. I need some reassurance that this life is worth living and the only way to get that is reassurance is if I can stop myself from being victimized, with no punishment, starting with this shitty fucked up situation. I doubt I’ll have a restful sleep. The more research I do on rapists the more I realize that that is exactly what Vann is a rapists. A cold blooded calculating, literal actual rapists and oh yeah a liar.


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