Rape the most intimate of crimes

Rape the most intimate of crimes


This article describes to a letter what I experienced, I was in the same age group as most victims at the time of my attack, he used my trust against me, he came through an unlocked door, he minimized his crime, he had committed crimes before,  he stalked me, he keeps alluding to the fact that somehow I hurt him as if to say his actions that night were for revenge, he is charming when he wants to be, he has odd ideas about consent and sex and negative ideas towards women as a group he referred to his baby’s mother with quote “you know how women are they want to be the only one”, he has no job, admits he’s impulsive, I was vulnerable and therefore the easiest target, etc..etc..

Sex is not a comfortable subject, our “sex education” is nothing more than telling us how not to get pregnant and how our bodies will change but there are no rules around sex, it is not okay to do it publicly because it is considered taboo and disgusting; we don’t teach people how to have great sex or anything about sex at all. If we’re this uncomfortable with the idea of two men having sex or two women having sex or kids masturbating or women having abortions or sex of any kind at all then how the hell do we expect people to understand what rape is at all. It’s impossible because they were never taught what constitutes “not rape” i.e. consensual great sex, sooooo of course the conviction rate for rape is “notoriously low”. How could it not be when we live in a society that glorifies sex and women while at the same time genocides women and also demonizes sexual acts. We don’t know as a species where we stand on sexual activities. We’re the only species that has sex in private as a rule…..why……why is it so shameful. Has it ever occurred to us that if we had sex in front of each other that it might actually cure our rape and sexual abuse issues as well as our (most women can’t orgasm) issue as well. However sex is supposed to be a secret, especially for women so of course rape would be kept mainly secret as well. Well we need heat at the top and heat at the bottom. My rapist like many others got away with no real punishment but those 16 days or so in jail may prompt him to try to seek out revenge against me. However if he has no lasting effects for what he did and his parents continue to coddle him then will he do it again, in fact I wonder if he has already done it before? I would love to know what is going on. I believe that all of the lawyers and judges in this area know the Wheeley family and as a result they cannot help me or even give me any advice. So not only is my race and gender working against me the fact that this is a small racist backwards town is also working against me because his parents are a doctor and business owner and they’ve been here a long time and Vann grew up here so they more than likely ALL know him. As a result I can only assume that judge …. also knows the family as she was a lawyer in this area before becoming a judge so therefore she’s been here for a while and as result may have made friends with or knows the family in passing as they are at the same socioeconomic level and would probably socialize together. So in true T…us fashion I forged straight ahead and asked her straight up if she knows them or anyone they know therefore making her decision un-objective. I will not let this go I will show this area their racism if I have to do it one person at a time, but I will do it and I will get tangible results no matter what it takes.

P.S. I’ve never heard the word nigger so much as when I lived here. This place omg sooo horrible. I can’t take it anymore I need to get out of here.


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