Injunction denied ……………by a female judge no less

There is a big problem why do we hold women who have been raped to the same standard of other crimes as far as reporting times even though the evidence obviously shows that women rarely ever report and when they do it is usually after the fact and yet these cases get tried differently than we try other cases for other crimes. In other words we put the victim on trial ….still. Do we ever put a shooting victim on trial saying “well sir why were you there at that store to even get shot, how dare you bring on your own shooting”. Do you see my point or do you need another example. What is the problem, is misogyny that strong in our society, a society that claims that women are oh sooo “equal”, that a female judge will deny me an injunction against a person who admits to climbing into my second floor apartment through the balcony at 4am because he missed me and then says we had consensual sex ..not… but yet he never noticed how I was feeling. So sorry if I’m being an emotional female here but doesn’t consensual sex usually require you to know and pay attention to how the other person is feeling before, during and after the sex act. If you’re not taking notice of how they feel then isn’t that a BIIIIIG fucking clue that you’re not having a consensual sexual act at all with that person. Ijs


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