he’s out and I’ve forgiven him

So he got out on the 7th day of August 2013 after the prosecutor dropped the case without telling me first. *shrug* but apparently the police stations and the state attorneys offices both govern themselves at least that’s according to the woman I spoke to on the phone at the attorney generals office. Well let’s just say that it explains alot like aloooooootttt. heehehehehe. As can be expected to I was very upset to be in the area and to have told them where I am and would be and to be emailed when they could have just gotten me from Nutrition World at 11am, it was soooo very cold on their part. I felt very betrayed and now L..e is being very nonchalant towards me and J..f won’t return my emails. Apparently like my mom says, I’m that much of an energy vampire that I’ve just bugged the hell out of them. I went a bit insane truly I did. I literally felt every good and bad emotion you can possibly feel all in that few hour period between when I found out to when I calmed down and messaged him to stay away from me and that I forgave him but would never ever trust him again. I loved the use of the word veracity to describe my “claim”. Chances are I won’t get relocation money and will have to wait to see if a lawyer can reapply for me for SSI/SSD and get me the money I deserve as a result of major anxiety/PTSD, as a result of the burglary and rape, that would make working almost impossible without many breaks and a very flexible boss. I tried to go job hunting and was unsuccessful I got panicky and depressed and turned around and went back home. Instead I went and got copies of stuff, also I got all the documents I needed today, August 9th, and I’m very happy about that. I’ve made copies and intend to use them as I see fit. The legal system is corrupt to the highest degree and it needs an overhaul. I was just told of a woman who was beaten and raped by her husband, the case went to trial and the jury found him not guilty and then there’s the case of the girl who was out hanging with friends got drunk/did drugs, was raped 5 times by a guy and like me was scared so didn’t say no because she was terrified and not even an arrest because like me she took too long to come forward and the criminal was believed over her. He said the sex was consensual, end of story case closed even though it was mentioned by the victim that he says he has raped before and that he can’t have sex unless he sees fear in a woman’s eyes. So what the FUCK will it take to change the legal system and it’s treatment of sexual assault and domestic violence victims who make up mainly females and children. How many more groups do we need to start, how much more money do we need to cost the government, how many more lives need to be ruined, what has to happen before men get it through their heads that a government by men, for men, and to protect only men, and mainly white men at that, is not nor will ever be fair, and just won’t work,… ever. All it’s doing is seriously pissing everyone else off.


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