I haven’t felt this safe in a long time. He’s away where he can’t get to me and I finally feel free to move around the city I once lived in when I have things to do there. My anxiety levels are down and I feel a sense of relief. I’m not as scared at night that he’ll come seeking me out but I’m still careful of other men especially ones that remind me of him even if just slightly. All the same I am able to function alot better now. My stomach has calmed down. And I don’t get the extreme anxiety pangs anymore when I enter the city I used to live in. Just waiting for the updates. I keep checking to make sure he’s still in there. I’d hate to be surprised ….ok deep breaths. I doubt that will happen I think they’ll inform me. I’ve been sleeping a bit better but that’s probably because of the insomnia then the exhausted crash. Still having the pelvic pain and it turns out my medical situation is more serious than I thought sooo I’m going to get a second opinion. My doctor was very overworked today and didn’t spend nearly enough time talking to me. Anywho til next time


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