The recent misogyny in media

So it’s the most insane thing. Justin Timberlake has worked with Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore in the past on a campaign to end sex slavery and then today I saw his new music video which featured a continual barrage of naked women. The video called Tunnel Vision was supposedly banned and then unbanned from Youtube. Between him with Timbaland and Robin Thicke with T.I. and Pharell I can’t tell which group hates women more but I may have to say the level of hate of women is about equal. The saddest part is that I used to like all of these artist, every single one of them even with their previous misogynistic works but they have officially crossed a line. All I can say is that I hope none of them have female children ever and I hope that they can get their stuff together soon and either apologize or just stop making music anymore. 


As a woman I spend most of my time censoring what I watch or simply not viewing or listening to certain media but sadly the artists I used to see as at least having a tiny bit of respect for women have officially let me down for good. It gets soo tiring to spend my whole life fighting for women’s rights especially when so many women are not in on the fight and are in fact supporting the hate/oppression of their on gender. I would love to just give up and move far far far away to a place where no people are where no one can find me and just live in harmony away from the rape and femicide/feminicide and just be alive without the constant worry of being mistreated for being who I am within a society that hates me without just cause. 


In the mean time until I realize my dream I’ll continue to live in this society in a constant state of high alert and continue to fight the good fight and hopefully make some kind of a difference so that the world of tomorrowland can be a bit better for future generations.


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