No one is talking about it

Rape and sexual abuse are some of the most prevalent crimes in this world. This kind of crime affects all of us and yet it is not dealt with severely or effectively enough. There are so many organizations that are working against these crimes and the kinds of world views and events that cause these crimes to be quite so prevalent in the first place. And the only way they can succeed is with support.

As a rape and sexual abuse survivor myself I also intend to do whatever I can to bring notice to this kind of crime and the steps that can be taken to eradicate it forever. I will not be silent about it but instead I will speak on the issue as much as possible.

“Victims” of any kind of sexualized violence or any violence at all must stand up for ourselves. We are not victims, instead we are survivors. And as survivors we must ensure that the world changes and begins to treat us with the dignity and respect that we deserve both before and after these kind of crimes are committed against us. And being treated with respect and dignity no matter how we are born will actually help to prevent these crimes from happening to us in the first place.

In a country that calls itself the greatest country in the world we must do everything in our power to correct current atrocities that exist and tear apart our society. Once we’ve taken intense measures to solve these extremely destructive problems then yes we can say that we are a great country. Until such time we will simply be a country.

A country where 54% of rapes are not reported because of the ringer that sexual assault victims are put through by law enforcement, media and fellow citizens. A country where women are still under fire and still seen as second class citizens. A country where children have no say and are also seen as second class citizens. A country where major news stations show empathy only for convicted rapists and make not one mention of the pain of the victim. A country where sex slavery is so prevalent that it is seen right outside your door and is coming right into your homes and anyone can indulge in it with almost no consequences. A country where even though it’s against the law to bring up a rape victim’s character in court lawyers still do it without consequence. A country where famous comedians and people you know personally make jokes about rape and sexual abuse again with not much consequence. A country where famous men who abuse women are able to get continued work on television and in movies and where famous women who cheat on their boyfriend’s get fired while the director they cheated on their boyfriend with receive no negative repercussions and in fact get rewarded.

There is nothing great about those things and as a result in order to be great as people and as a country those things must be changed immediately and permanently. We need fire at the top and fire at the bottom on this issue. We need to call out everyday sexism that we see and do our best to only consume products, for example media, that is anti-violent and pro-justice for all victims of sexual crimes. In conjunction we must put pressure on the people who control media to put less violence in media and instead put positive messages in media that will then help children to be better people based on what they are shown, based on the fact that humans are imitators.

I am an optimist and I say that because I continue to have hope for a better world. I can only hope that the human race is capable of flipping it right side up.


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