oppression sickness

For the last almost week or so I’ve been in a PHP. And today someone, a black male who complained that he thought his boss might be being racist, called Caitlyn Jenner a faggot. I was enraged, disgusted, and sickened. I almost went home and at this point I’m contemplating whether I should take a break and not go tomorrow. Ironically I’d had the most intense feeling that I shouldn’t go today and I went anyway and that is what happened, I must learn to trust my intuition. I wish people that are subjected to oppression would wake up and simply NOT oppress others. I swear I feel like I’m at church in that room, it’s tiring.

P.S. I reported it to the person who runs the program, hopefully something is done about it, as it is I don’t feel safe in that room with all those bigots

Can Social Media Make You Depressed?

Can Social Media Make You Depressed?.

Well I recently deleted another of my social media accounts because it was causing me high levels of depression.

If Reverse Racism Were Real, Here’s What It’d Look Like MAY 5, 2015 BY TECHBOOK ONLINE – See more at: http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/if-reverse-racism-were-real-heres-what-itd-look-like-cnorris/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter#sthash.V7fJrn2q.dpuf


BY SUSAN BISSELL ON 13 FEB 2015 • A slap: child discipline or child abuse?


This is a really cool blog post written in response to the show The Slap. As an adult survivor of child abuse who later on has found myself suffering from continual mental and physical illnesses as an adult and being repeatedly thwarteded from success in every area of life as well as being a repeat victim of abuse I can truly say that no, hitting children is not good nor is it ever necessary. It is almost certainly the best way to set up a child for failure in adulthood. The research has all shown the same thing. Hitting children has no positive effects and a slew of negative effects. Please follow the link and read the blog post.