It’s hard for many women and some men to accept that men use extreme psychological tactics and manipulation to get away with committing horrific crimes against others but the truth is that many men do. For example Warren Jeffs getting away with raping little girls by telling them it’s ok because God wants it and when that wasn’t enough telling them to “stay sweet”. Well let’s be clear on something, almost all women on the planet are taught to be complicit in their own oppression by “staying sweet”. We’re told from birth to be quiet, that it is unladylike to speak loudly and that especially includes saying the word no. We’re not to say no ever, especially when someone, particularly not to a man who asks for something from us. Ironically when we do give in to sexual advances which we’re not allowed or taught how to say no to then we become, in the eyes of society, loose women who are then hated and ridiculed and seen as evil. Men have used mothers and other members of society to teach every new generation of women to be self oppressed and to teach men of all generations to oppress women and therefore themselves. And yet the laws on rape have been set up to allow rape to continue in copious amounts and to allow rapists to get away with the crime almost every single time. And how did they do that ……. they did it by telling women to be quiet, to not say no but then telling men to take whatever they want and then making it so the laws say that only a loud and continual no can make it clear that sex was not wanted and even if a women does say no, which rarely happens as women who’re raped are many times unconscious or too afraid to say no ,as we’re taught our entire lives, then we’re told that they (juries, lawyers, judges, cops, etc…) can’t be certain of what happened and therefore cannot bring charges against, take to trial, or convict the ” alleged rapist”. It is a state of affairs that rapists use to their advantage and yes they do know these laws they do know that women are hated and treated like shit by all including other women and they know that as a result they will get away with the crimes they commit and in some recorded cases one rapist with 300 or more victims in his lifetime. These rapists not only use the knowledge above but they also use their naturally heightened psychological abilities to pick targets who may freeze up, not fight back, etc…. and/or to pick targets who won’t speak up afterwards or go through with trial etc….

Yes we have to accept that sociopaths are real and that not even all rapists are sociopaths. We have to accept that yes there are people who deliberately want to hurt others. If we cannot accept this then we are dooming future generations as well as ourselves to being at the mercy of the ruthless and calculating evil members of our species. And that is simply too sad a state of affairs to be allowed to continue.

Staying open in Fort Worth, San Antonio, and McAllen

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Texas Clinics

We’re so excited to announce that we’re staying open at Whole Woman’s Health of Fort Worth and Whole Woman’s Health of San Antonio after Judge Yeakel handed down his ruling on Friday invalidating the ASC requirements of House Bill 2 and the admitting privileges requirement as applied in the Rio Grande Valley and El Paso/West Texas. We’re also announcing that Whole Woman’s Health of McAllen, after being shutdown in March,  has reopened its doors to serve women in the Rio Grande Valley that have not had access to abortion care since House Bill 2 went into effect in November 2013.

Our model of care has not changed — we will still provide the safest, most affordable, and most holistic abortion care in all of our communities, all as we continue to fight back against House Bill 2.

Should you or someone you know need to make an appointment, have questions, or…

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August 18, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

I was one of the first people to call the killing of Mike Brown an execution. This was based on the several eye witnesses who told the same story. A story of an 18 year old boy who was shot multiple times, most said 5-7 or 6-8 times in the arms and head. They also said he was falling down and on his knees when he was shot again in the head. Now we get an autopsy that corroborates that testimony from those eye witnesses. 

Tiffany Mitchell

“Michael and the officer wrestling through the [car] window.” Brown, she said, was struggling to get away while the officer continued to try to pull him closer. Concerned, Mitchell pulled out her phone, at which point she said the first shot was fired “through the window.” Mitchell then saw Brown break away from the officer’s grip and…

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Carrying Jada: When ‘Standing With’ Isn’t Enough.

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Two nights ago, I sat in our bedroom on the third floor with the window open. You were already asleep. The night breeze carried the voices of a cabal of teen boys walking beneath. There is a steep grassy hill behind our building. I never take you to play there. The earth is uneven and I don’t trust the improbability of a long hard tumble. But I’ve always found it a beautiful space, open and green among the brick, steel and concrete, tree-lined, flowering branches blushing white and pink each spring with the promise of growth. It is usually quiet there after nightfall, or it has been during most of the 27 years my grandmother has lived here. But things are changing. The boys were raucous but stealthy, their voices at once overloud and vanquished altogether.

“She got HIV or something. She might got HIV!” One called out.

“She probably

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